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We focus on the functionality made within the frame of Microsoft Dynamics AX. We have made agreement with partners who are unique and the best in their field of work.


Amadeus was founded back in 1987 as a new global distribution system and has since then continued to expand the areas of industries. Datacon has worked with Amadeus for many years and will continue to work closely together in order to keep up with the demand for new opportunities and possibilities based on new technology. Visit Amadeus.


Travelport is a leading distribution services and e-commerce provider for the global travel industry. The company operates a global distribution system business with three brands: Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan. The partnership between Datacon and Travelport begun when the first version of AX Travel came to market. The focus is customer demands and taking advantage of new technology.
Visit Travelport.


Sabre was the pioneer on distribution solutions going back to 1960 with the first solution. Sabre was for many years an American focused company due to the history but is today a global company. Sabre is focusing on many areas of the travel industry with the airline as the key area. Visit Sabre.

Toolpack – Business Intelligence

Toolpack is Denmark's largest supplier of intelligent solutions, with approx. 20 employees. With over 700 active customers, they are one of the largest providers of business intelligence solutions with a special focus on Finance Intelligence. With our solution Reports of daily revenue and profit can be sent by e-mail to selected persons within your organization. It can manually be setup or automatically with specific intervals. Equally report can be setup for specific customers and sent by e-mail each week, month or year if preferred. Visit Toolpack.

Danish Insurance Company – Europaiske

European Travel Insurance A / S is Denmark's largest and oldest travel insurance. At the same time, they are part of ERV Europäische Reiseversicherung AG. Worldwide ERV has around 40 million customers. A web interface used when booking insurances, makes is possible to enter all price requests and policies issued at the right sales order and the traveler issued for are specified. Also a price request without having an order, is possible to make for each person type and insurance type. Visit Europaiske.

Insurance Company - Gouda

Gouda is one of the largest travel insurance and has existed in Denmark since 1994. Gouda is a part of the Dutch insurance group The Goudse NV, which was founded in Holland in 1924. Price request and policy information are entered into AX Travel when requests are made through AX Travel. Visit Gouda.
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