AX travel fits your business

Acquisition of AX Travel

AX Travel can be acquired in different ways enabling you to choose the model that fits your business and strategy the best.

To buy

It is possible to buy AX Travel at the count of how many users will have access to AX Travel and which modules you want to buy. This means that you only buy the functionalities that suit your business. The system can be installed at your existing servers and if it is necessary to purchase new servers or other IT equipment, we are also capable to help you with this.

To rent

It is also possible to rent AX Travel, which means that you pay a price per user per month (SPLA – Service Provider License Agreement). The system itself is physically at Datacon’s data center and you access AX Travel via a remote connection. The data center will operate and maintain all about computer systems and associated components. This model allows you to start with a limited investment and at subsequent possibility to adjust the number of user licenses to current needs.

Datacon cooperates with a large recognized financial partner that provides funding for investment. Funding is at all times based on an individual assessment of the specific project.

How to differentiate AX Travel from other software providers

AX Travel is a completely new and revolutionary way of thinking IT for the travel industry. Unlike our competitors, we have chosen to start with Microsoft's most comprehensive and user-friendly ERP platform, Dynamics AX, with high standard functionalities including ERP, Sales, CRM, Portal, HR, Business Intelligence etc. On this platform Datacon has developed  and added all the travel specific functionalities required to operate a well-established agency today and in the future.

When choosing AX Travel and Microsoft you will get a technologically future-proof IT solution that is lifted to new versions regularly ensuring a competitive edge on the latest technology. As a fully integrated solution, AX Travel also helps you optimize existing workflows and streamline your business.

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