AX Travel and its focus areas

Our solution has been developed specifically to fit the travel industry and it supports all the travel agency specific processes that are necessary to run a travel agency today and in the future.

AX Travel is a flexible business management system and it fits most travel agencies no matter type or size. Many years of experience in the travel industry has made us capable of developing a solution that ensures an optimized process flow, and thereby optimized and automated working procedures. This is possible because we deliver one complete and fully integrated solution. 

Modules in AX Travel to fit each area of the industry

Business Travel

In most Business Travel agencies booking sources are often global distribution systems such as Amadeus, Worldspan etc. and internet bookings where information can be received by AX Travel and read into unique sales orders.

It is possible to insert remarks in the GDS’s for automatic invoicing so the travel consultant will not have to enter AX Travel.   

Package Travel

Products can be designed as package tours for the customers select. To visualize the product with one price for the customer it is possible to link products together and set the cost price at each unique item. This way the cost management is taken care of for the suppliers and the individual prices of the products will be viewed as one.

Campaign codes can be linked to each product for specific marketing purposes and availability for the customers.

Group Travel

Registration of all allotments that have been purchased for a group travel can be difficult to maintain. All small and large groups can be handled in AX Travel.

You can make allotment of aircraft seats and hotel rooms, and list the number of people staying in each room, even with differentiated pricing and dates.

Lists are easily extracted from AX Travel linked to different departures or across products

Free Individual Traveler

All products can be set up for individual use. Products available from different suppliers can be read into the item inventory with the correct cost and selling prices. This is an easy and unique opportunity for the travel consultants to view all available prices in one system.

All products can be used at different sales orders with the possibility to enter other prices, discounts or other suppliers.

Customized travels can also be booked at different homepages with integration to the system, as well as bookings made at the Global Distribution Systems.

At homepages packages can be sold and the end users can choose their individual preferences for their dream holiday. These data can either be validated or be owned by AX Travel for allotment purposes.

The traveler will receive an e-mail with all documents such as airline tickets, travel conditions, hotel vouchers and itineraries.


Calculations of profit regarding incoming travel is also available in AX Travel. Each customer request can be set up as a calculation where prices are taken from the inventory or inserted from customized prices. The profit of the request can be calculated by percentages or as a set price on the total request. Prices, which must be divided by the amount of travelers, can be entered or prices multiplied by number of days can be entered. There are multiple options for setting up your specific calculations.

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